At Cupcake Mojo we love Baking People Happy! We are flavor creators and party makers.

What is Mojo? We hear this a lot, but we let the cupcakes do the talking! Since our cupcakes are all so individually unique, we like to say that there is a little Mojo in every bite. Starting from our first created cupcake, “Nana’s Whoopie Cake” all the way to our menu of flavors, you are sure to find the bite that captures your Mojo!

After baking cupcakes for family and friends and receiving rave reviews it was decided to take the next step with our very own cupcake business. Christina with her artistic flair and decorating skills along with 30 years experience in the business world of sales and marketing for Maureen has certainly been an asset for the company.

Our family is very much involved with helping to make Cupcake Mojo possible. Each person took part and found their niche in making cupcakes. When we put all of our talents together, we knew Cupcake Mojo would be a hit!

By no means is Cupcake Mojo a business of all work and no play; half of the reason it all came together was because of the fun we had making the cupcakes!

The business includes our entire family when creating flavors, personalizing for events and everything included in designing the cupcakes. Although we have created many flavors, most of our recipes have been passed down from our Mom, Nana and our Great Grandmother. We are dedicated to our hometown of Weymouth.

While continuing to make our customers happy, our dream is to expand our business and open a fun, hip and whimsical local cupcake shop. We look forward to making our dream a reality!